I decided to be Iron Maiden’s The Trooper for Halloween this year and thought I might as well make the most of my costume. Hope you enjoy this guitar keyboard rendition of this Maiden classic. 

Special thanks to my older brother Waldo for being the best damn Grim Reaper in the biz and my manager and videographer, Brett Rivera, for producing this awesome video. Also a shout out to the random guy who let us film this on his property out in the country in exchange for a case of beers :)


What an amazing experience Russia was. We couldn't put it into words so here's the aftermovie that does it for us. 

Thanks so much to all the amazing new friends we made in Russia during this experience that made our trip such an unbelievable success. The producers, promoters,

musicians and all the amazing staff and crew from Belomor-Boogie and Keleso.

Tatyana and Michael from the US Consulate in Saint Petersburg, it was a pleasure to spend both our first and last day in Russia with you. And thanks for taking us on  that beautiful tour of the Winter Palace and being the perfect tour guide! Aleksandr, you were the best host...

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